Before going to introduce the Tangail Textile Institute let we have opportunity to say some words about Tangail District. Tangail is one of the Textrile back ground city in Bangladesh. She has importance in the economy or her glorious historical heritage in the production of handloom Textiles. From ancient period Tangail is famous for decorative sarees, which are specially designed and wover for the bangali ladies. Here, there are some important sari bazer (haat) in Tangail district. These haat’s are open before sunrise and closed within 9 a.m. . During this period the whole sale and the retail sari seller sale their decorative saree to the  whole sale purchaser and retail purchaser. Thousands of  temporary saree shops of found in that morning saree bazer. 



The Tangail Textile Institute has a vital rule for situating in Tangail and has the closed link and great contribution with the local traditional weaving development by creating artisans and skill Technologist.